Just another random travel-food-books lover – let’s try to make something special of it!

I live in Milan and I work by chance in the fashion marketing.

WARNING: this is not a food blog because you won’t find here things cooked by me or making-of food pictures or whatever is related with food blogs in general. The reason why is that I’m not exactly the best chef in the world, even if I try and try never giving up. Don’t take me wrong, I love cooking and I do it as much as I can, it’s just that the results don’t deserve to be photo shoot or posted on the web.

But I DO love food, eating in and out, travelling and discovering new food spots. talking about food, reading about food, watching movies food related – and so on. Luckily I live surrounded by great restaurants and people who are amazing chefs, so I have a lot of material to talk about!