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Month: May, 2012

Sunday lazy Sunday


Today’s breakfast – happy Sunday everyone!


Last week review

These have been very busy days – we moved house, I had to work a lot, my birthday came and pass, a lot of friends visited us and so on – busy, but only dealing with pleasant things – and I feel so lucky for this.

This is sample sales time, and every single day at the office we receive invitations for at least two showroom special sales. Of course I avoid to attend all of them, otherwise I  will be totally broke way before the end of the month, but sometimes I just can’t resist. This is my very last purchase, a Stefanel bag in an amazing turquoise that I got at the sample sale today.


I also ate a lot of great stuff


These are some Chinese rice gnocchi with vegetables that I had in a new Chinese restaurant I tried last week, close to the main Central Station in Milan. The place is called Chekiang, is in via Giovan Battista Pergolesi 19, it’s cheap and oh so good. Highly recommended


This is a delicious king shrimps & zucchini pizza that I had on Sunday evening, in a family dinner out with my bf’s parents and mine. Amazing!

And could I have missed the dessert? Of course not!


A tiny chocolate fudge cake with vanilla sauce. I wish I can have another one here in front of me right now!

Last but not least, the dadaist breakfast that I arranged for us on a lazy Sunday morning. Coffee, bananas, pink grapefruit juice and pain au chocolat – simple but tasteful, indeed!




Just a couple of pics of the homemade fresh lasagne we had today

cooking in the oven…


…and ready to be eaten!


as Garfield used to say…


well, he was totally right!