25th April and birthdays

by maddalenaerre

Today in Italy it’s National Feast: we celebrate the release – and relief – from Fascist regime by American and British forces on the 25th April 1945. It’s one of the most important feast that we have and nowadays it’s still deeply felt by a lot of people – including myself.

In my family there’s another reason to celebrate: my dad’s birthday! We had lunch all together and my mom made this amazing cake

[pic taken by me]

it’s a pear&chocolate cake with a Sbrisolona-inspired dough. The Sbrisolona is a traditional cake from Mantua area – in the South of Lombardia – and its peculiarity it’s being made with a mixture of yellow & white flour plus grated almond. It’s not so easy to make and definitely not a light dessert, but it’s really delicious!