Pinterest addiction

by maddalenaerre

I’m getting more and more addicted to Pinterest – it’s very refreshing compared to other social networks, so inspiring, so filled with beautiful and brilliant images. I have created a board called “Food (not just) for thought”, totally dedicated to the most funny and charming food-related images that I could find on the web. I’ve always loved beautiful food – “if it catches the eye, it catches the stomach”, as they said.

Today it has been a very grey and rainy day in Milan – and I just need things like these to warm myself up a bit – begging for real Spring to come. Here are my favourites

a spinach, strawberries and goat cheese salad that I can’t wait to try – via

a caprese-inspired tarte that looks simply amazing – and easy to make, tough – via sweetpaulmagazine

a recipes book that I bought and I still have to try – Instagram taken by me

Momin-inspired cookies – too cute to be true – via

who said that lemons are bitter?

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