Fancy bags and fake pizzas

by maddalenaerre

One of the perks of working in the fashion business in Milan is that you get invitations for basically every showroom sample sales. That’s what I got yesterday in Borbonese showroom

truly madly deeply in love with “her”!

Also, I want to share a super easy and quick recipe that I made some days ago. I used to call it the “fake-pizza”, cause the base is not made with pizza dough but with ready-made puff pastry. It’s lighter and tastes a bit different compared with a normal pizza, but I suggest you to try, you won’t be disappointed!

As toppings I’ve used black olives, anchovies, mozzarella cheese and of course tomato sauce. It only takes five minutes (plus twenty minutes in the oven) and it’s a fast alternative to the original one. I hope that they won’t tear my Italian ID card apart for this!

Speaking about film, I’ve just found out that Robert Pattinson will be starring as main character in the new film directed by David Cronenberg, Cosmopolis…me and my bf are huge fan of Cronenberg and actually Pattinson doesn’t look like one of his peculiar actors, but I think he’s talented anyways and I’m very curious to see his performance – sadly I still have to wait for quite a while, the film will be released in Italy not before December 2012…