Easter, French Riviera and ricotta

by maddalenaerre

Aix-en-Provence, flowers market

All pictures taken by me in August 2009

Spring has finally sprung – even if the grey clouds above my head don’t seem to agree – and tomorrow’s Easter. A huge lunch is waiting for me, so I will talk about our traditional dishes for Easter the day after tomorrow. I’m posting some pics of my last proper trip to the French Riviera – pretty far away, it was 2009 – cause in my childhood I used to spend Easter holidays there, every year. Since then, the French Riviera is always connected in my mind with Easter time, the first flowers of Spring and the temperature getting higher. The season is calling, babes.

In the meantime, I just want to suggest a super-fast-but-oh-so-good recipe for those days when you want to stay light but as well eating tasteful. Just cook some pasta and after this throw in the pan a bio tomato sauce and some spoon of ricotta cheese – a very good one, pretty please. Mix it well and serve.

Since I was a child, “pasta e ricotta” has been one of my favourites for the bad mood days. Don’t know why, but it’s definitely better than Prozac.

Antibes, farmer’s market


Antibes, spices market

(I totally adore the colors)