Verona, Juliet and tramezzini

by maddalenaerre


Instagram pictures all taken by me, today 1st of April 2012

Today I did a super fast trip to Verona to follow a seminary, held by one of my professors from London College of Fashion who was in that city for a couple of days. I woke up ridiculously early this morning – actually, it was still night – but it was definitely worth it – for both the seminary and the city, I loved it immediately. I wanted to travel without heavy stuff, so no camera, just Instagram pictures this time.

Juliet’s balcony

walls of Juliet’s house, all written down with love sentences

the wall of the locks – lovers hang up em here so their love will never die, according to the legend

Juliet’s mailbox! people still write to her their lovesickness, fears and hopes

Piazza Erbe #1

Piazza Erbe #2

Piazza Erbe #3

Venetian masks for Carnival

Piazza Bra

the Arena


love is all around

winged lion of Saint Mark

I haven’t had time for a proper lunch – but I had a spritz with a couple of tramezzini (sandwiches) which in Veneto region are amazing and oh-so-cheap (not more than 1,50 euros each!) – in Milan you have to spend at least five euros for a tramezzino that is less than a half good. I ate one made with ham, cheese and rocket mayo, by the way. Delicious!