Cupcakes, New York and Navigli

by maddalenaerre

Picture taken by my friend Marta in New York last summer, 2011

I’ve never been a huge fan of cupcakes – I definitely prefer to look at them rather than eat them

but it’s amazing how many things you can create with the frosting!

The pic below was shot at Magnolia Bakery – which is almost a touristic spot, but still selling great cupcakes

In London, where I used to live since a year ago, there’s the Hummingbird Bakery in Notting Hill (but you might find many other shops in the City area)

that does great American style and special seasonal cupcakes (the ones for Halloween and Christmas are a pure joy for the eyes) but you can eat good cupcakes pretty much all over the City

In Milan, where I live now, it’s not easy at all to find good cupcakes – they’re definitely not into sweets Italian tradition! – but if you are craving for one, a good address is That’s Bakery in the gorgeous Navigli area – via Vigevano, 41 – the closest to American style that you can find in the city

we have also an Italian version of Starbucks, called Arnold Coffee, but I won’t actually recommend this one…

Finally, I can’t help but I have to share this blog, made by Francesco, an Italian guy who does amazing cupcakes all by himself at home – the blog is written in Italian, but everyone can at least looks at the wondrous pictures! Good job, Francesco!